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DALLAS — Matthew Lickenbrock performed hands-only CPR on another University of Dayton student with the skills he learned from the American Heart Association (AHA) Hands-Only CPR training kiosk. Read more here:

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Can I get sued for doing First Aid?This is concern (along with disease transmission) seems to be the main reason that people are afraid to help someone in need of first aid.   In Ontario (other provinces have similar legislation) we have "The Good Samaritan Act" which is designed to protect people who voluntarily help someone in an emergency. The is designed to keep people from being sued when they choose to perform First Aid. Whether you are trained or not you are protected. We always recommend that people take a first aid course so they know what to do...

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For First Aid purposes a Baby is considered from birth to one year of age. If a baby is coughing we do not want to interfere with the cough. The cough is best way to clear the obstruction. If the baby cannot make any sounds then we need to step in and assist. If need to perform these techniques (even successfully) it is recommended that you have the baby checked out by a Physician to ensure that the object is still in the baby (even if we got something out). The technique involves 5 back blows followed by 5 chest thrusts which are repeated...

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