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By now, you’ve seen enough heart attack scenes that you could spot one from a mile away: There’s the gasping for air, the clasping of hands over the chest, and pain so severe the victim collapses to the floor.  It’s time to change that picture: This Hollywood-style heart attack isn’t so classic at all. In a study of nearly 900 heart attack patients, 65 percent experienced a slow onset of symptoms, according to researchers at Trinity College in Ireland. These included chest and left arm discomfort, shortness of breath, and fatigue. Only 35 percent suffered movie-worthy signs. Read more here:...

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With the arrival of snow shoveling season many suffer a heart attack  while shoveling. Awareness of what to look for is essential for survival. What is a Heart Attack? A Heart occurs when a coronary artery (an artery that supplies the heart itself with blood) is blocked. Without blood and the oxygen within it part of the heart dies. It is possible to survive a heart if a small enough area of the heart is affected. What to look for? Squeezing chest pain Problems breathing Abdominal or back pain (more common in women) Cold, sweaty skin Skin that bluish or...

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