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It’s winter in Canada! This change in seasons means the chance to ice skate, sled, snowmobile, and build fantastic snowmen – it also means that it’s time to take extra care due to storms and extra cold conditions.  Enjoying winter weather while staying safe and warm takes some extra precautions. Here are some tips to keep you prepared: Read more here:  

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  As the temperatures get warmer many people's thoughts move to Spring. This time of year we still need to exercise caution around lakes, rivers and other bodies of water. As the ice thins in the warmth the risk of falling into cold water increases. Prevention: If you are not aware of the depth of the ice stay off. Never chase after a pet that has gone onto the ice, they have a better sense of the depth of the ice than you. If you you are alone and fall in. Use your legs to try and kick yourself onto...

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Winter is a great time to get outdoors and enjoying the fresh air with many activities. Some of the activities do require extra safety equipment. We have all heard of the need to hockey helmets but what about about helmets just for skating. It's not just "weak" skaters that need to wear helmets. Children of all ages (even those of us over 20) should wear helmets. For any sports where you move "at speed" you should wear a helmet. This includes skating, skiing/snowboarding, even sledding. A head injury can happen very quickly and can cause serious injuries. Make sure you...

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