Blended (Online) Learning Emergency First Aid and CPR/AED Level C

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Simple Basic First Aid & CPR techniques taught in an interactive environment, for individuals who want an overview of First Aid & CPR for the workplace or home. The course covers skills needed to recognize, prevent and respond to cardiovascular emergencies for Adults, CPR Level C and other topics such as choking, airway and breathing emergencies, and prevention of disease transmission.

Held at 506-1580 Merivale Road

  About this course

• 3-4 hour online portion and 5 hour in class portion

• 90 day certification in Blended Learning Emergency First Aid & CPR/AED Level C 
• Includes CPR/AED Level C (adult, child and baby)
• Includes AED (Automated External Defibrillation) certification
• Conducted by a certified Red Cross First Aid Instructor 

  Who should attend

  Any one can attend this course. 

  Course content

• Preparing to Respond 
• The EMS System 
• Check, Call, Care 
• Airway Emergencies 
• Breathing & Circulation Emergencies 
• First Aid for Respiratory & Cardiac Arrest 
• Wound Care 
• Written exam (min. passing grade: 75%)

What makes us different?

Although other providers may give the same content as above, our Instructors make all the difference. Others may use "Contractors" to teach for them, all of our Instructors are our employees.

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