Heart Attack: What to look for/What to do

With the arrival of snow shoveling season many suffer a heart attack  while shoveling. Awareness of what to look for is essential for survival.

What is a Heart Attack?

A Heart occurs when a coronary artery (an artery that supplies the heart itself with blood) is blocked.
Without blood and the oxygen within it part of the heart dies. It is possible to survive a heart if a small enough area of the heart is affected.

What to look for?

Squeezing chest pain
Problems breathing
Abdominal or back pain (more common in women)
Cold, sweaty skin
Skin that bluish or paler than normal
nausea and vomiting
jaw pain

Women, elderly and those with diabetes tend to experience softer signs:

Chest discomfort that comes and goes, 

gets better with rest, 

gets worse with activity, 

doesn't feel like pain, 

start mild and gets continually stronger.

What to do?

Call 911 and get an AED
Have the person rest comfortably
If the person has medication for this assist them in taking it.
Monitor their ABC's

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