Camping First Aid

 Camping season is getting into full swing so a review of the differences between urban and camping first aid is essential.

One of the big differences between being in a urban and camping environment is your distance from an ambulance or other assistance. If you are going a far distance ensure you have let someone know when you are planning on leaving and getting back and where you are going and what to do if you do not check in. Have a plan for getting out if there is an emergency. Know the best routes to go for help.

Some emergencies to plan for: Food poisoning (prevention is best here with proper food storage and ensure cleanliness for food preparation and eating), sprains, strains and fractures (how would you immobilize and get out), allergic reactions (this includes bees, mosquitoes and poison ivy), cuts and abrasions (cleanliness is important to keep minor injuries from getting more serious).

Things to add to your first aid kit. Medications (including diarrhea, headaches and muscle pain), sting relief and wound cleaning materials, improvised splinting materials.

Preparation is the best way to stay safe and enjoy the outdoors.

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