Cold Water Safety


As the temperatures get warmer many people's thoughts move to Spring. This time of year we still need to exercise caution around lakes, rivers and other bodies of water. As the ice thins in the warmth the risk of falling into cold water increases.

Prevention: If you are not aware of the depth of the ice stay off. Never chase after a pet that has gone onto the ice, they have a better sense of the depth of the ice than you.

If you you are alone and fall in. Use your legs to try and kick yourself onto the ice. Once you are out spread your weight out over the ice and crawl to shore.

If you are in a group and someone falls in, lay down on the ice and talk them through the above kicking.

Once everyone is safe seek shelter from the elements and have the person remove wet clothing, dry off and put on dry cloths. If the person can still shiver wrap them in a blanket and seek medical assistance (EMS/911). If the person cannot shiver wrap someone else in the blanket with this person to as an external heat source while you seek medical assistance (EMS/911).

Cold water is deadly.

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