Children's bike safety

 With temperatures warming up and the streets being cleaned many children are getting the urge to get on their bicycles but are they and their bicycles ready for the road.

As many parents realize not only do spring cloths not always fit after winter sometimes the bicycles do not fit anymore. Whether you are buying a new bike, using a hand me down using last years bike make sure that it fits the child and they are able to stop  quickly and without falling. Spring tune ups are not that expensive and help not only extend the life of the bike but help keep the child safe.

Does their helmet still fit? Is the helmet less than 5 years old? Remember a helmet does not protect the child if they do not wear it.

Lastly but still very important, does your child know the rules of the road. Bikes and cars must both obey the same rules. By reviewing the rules of the road you help to keep them safe. Even better, by setting a good example when you bike (or drive your car) you also keep them safe.

Bike/car collisions are preventable when both obey the rules and respect each other.

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