Backyard Pool safety

It's that time of the year, as the weather warms the backyard pools start to open.

Unfortunately this also brings more news stories about home drownings. In most cases the drownings are easily preventable. Swimming lessons for children (adults) are an important step in teaching respect for the water, safety, in addition to learning how to swim.

Most municipalities have by-laws regarding fencing, make sure you understand what your requirements are. No matter what the rules say, if you have a pool your yard should be fenced in and you should have self latching gates. This will ensure that the gate closes automatically.

Another important point is to never leave your children unattended in or around the pool. The time it takes to answer the telephone is all it takes for a child to drown. Most pool covers are not designed to keep people out of the people out of the water so do not rely on them.

A pool is a great and fun way to enjoy our short summer. Simple preventative steps can keep this a fun activity.

Enjoy the summer.


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