Safe Travelling with Children

With summer and the end of school upon us many people are planning trips with their children. Many people think of games or videos for their travels but what do we need to bring to keep our children safe. As parents we often struggle to care for our children in the comfort of our homes so how do we keep our children safe when we travel.

The first step is always is planning ahead. If your child has medical conditions such as allergies then you need to ensure that you have enough medications for the trip. Learn where the local Hospitals are (do not rely on the GPS to guide you there).

Keep your cell phone charged and know what the emergency numbers are where you are travelling. Be aware that 911 is not available everywhere (nor is cell phone service).

Is your first aid kit stocked (some products do have expiry dates) and is your training up to date? Do you have an emergency car kit stocked (including emergency food, water and blankets?

Finally make sure your family/friends have a copy of your itinerary and check in when you return. Let them know who to contact if you do not check in.

Enjoy your summer and stay safe.


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